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Wumbo William got us taking time off for their single, “VACATION”

“She makes me feel like I’m the person I deserve to be.”

Guided by a simple drum loop and keyboard progression, “VACATION” by Pomona musician Wumbo William is a testimonial to modern rap blended with pop infused instrumentals. The grooves are tight, there’s a great flow in the verses, the production sounds of good quality, and it’s incredibly catchy without treading on being too repetitive. It’s a perfect song lovesong for the summertime that gets me daydreaming about a faux relationship. Even if you don’t usually listen to the rap genre, this song is bound to have any music lover bobbing their head to the beat.

I enjoy how the song builds on itself. In the beginning, the mix starts off with just the trap beat and a bass tone. Then, you hear the keyboard creep in along with the fun adlibs popping in the back. Once the chorus hits, you hear this swell in dynamics that really enhances everything. There’s a great payoff that comes that’s so satisfying! There are a variety of elements put into the mix including the lyrics that make this song fun to listen to and hard to get bored of. “I had to make myself mature so I learned to be. She was special and she needed more maturity. She makes me feel like I’m the person I deserve to be.” Based off the lyrics, I can tell that the protagonist is pining for a girl who he believes deserves a more matured version of himself before pursuing a romantic relationship. She’s independent, cool, and makes him feel like he’s on an “infinite vacation”. Some of the lyrics are really endearing and add charm to the song.

The production also plays a part in enhancing the listening experience. Usually production is the last thing I care too much about simply because some of my favorite songs sound like they were recorded via a can of beeferoni, but it’s worth mentioning here. All of the musical components blend well together, the vocals aren’t swallowed by instrumentation, and it just sounds super clean and devoid of unwanted noise. However, I would have preferred it if the bass was a lot juicier than it is. I also think the production could have benefited from some non-digital instruments; like an electric guitar part here and there to help give the song even more pizzaz. Regardless, what’s presented is fantastic and reflects a great quality that stands out amongst other rappers in the local music community.

Overall, I think “VACATION” is a great addition to Wumbo William’s discography. As a stand-alone song, it holds up really well. There’s a steady groove, the rap flows well with the beat, and I find myself humming the chorus after listening to it. The production has also significantly increased from his first few singles. I’m excited for what’s to come from this Southern Californian rapper/singer-songwriter.

Be sure to check out Wumbo William and stream his single, “VACATIONS” everywhere you listen to music!

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