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"Hell’s Plum?" More like "Hell’s Punk" with the Black Dahlia's debut single

Genre: Punk Rock, Grunge

The Black Dahlias are a punk powerhouse and are ready to melt your brains! The Black Dahlias

are a new upcoming local band from Los Angeles, CA and “Hell’s Plum” is their debut single.

The band is made up of members Leon (vocals/guitar), Erick (Bass) and Jaymez (drums).

The beginning of the song reels the listener in with a guitar riff that immediately makes you want

to headbang. The main chord progression is reminiscent of the one Metallica uses for “Master

of Puppets(1986)” and it flows perfectly with their punk twist.

The song talks about a girl that lures you in and wanting more, if I’m not mistaken it is a very

sensual song. “Come on and take me/I’ll have you knocking on the floor/ Don't try and snake

me/I have them knocking at the door,” Leon sings.

My favorite guitar part is at the bridge. It flows perfectly for the song and the vibe. I envision it as

the girls “theme” to lure you in, similar to a sirens song luring in her prey. It’s the perfect way to

tie in the whole vibe and theme of the song.

Everything about this debut single screams punks and old school rock. A lot of that vibe has to

do with the vocals. I immediately thought of Damiano David from Måneskin but if Måneskin were to be more punk than alt-pop. To be completely honest, Ozzy Obsbourne also came to my mind with Leon’s vocals, just the overall raspy rock vocals. Leon’s vocals in combination with the

instrumental are a match made in heaven.

“Hell’s Plum” is the perfect debut single to introduce The Black Dahlias and I am so excited to hear more from them. Congratulations, The Black Dahlias! “Hell’s Plum” is available now on all streaming platforms!

For Fans of:

Måneskin (if they were punk)

Sex Pistols

The Stooges



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