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Emo is back and is still sad with Case Study's debut album, "The Problem with Me is Everything"

Genre: Emo, Pop Punk

“Can't seem to pierce your chest/Since I’m too blunt when opening up”

Pomona local band, Case Study, released their debut album “The Problem with Me is

Everything.” The band is made up of Ben on vocals and guitar, Yuvi on guitar, Kaitlin on bass

and Brent on drums. This album was made possible by their friends at Cal Poly Pomona who

took part in some songs (One featuring our very own Frankie Nicole!) and producing.

The emo-pop band put their heart and soul into this album and it is evident right off the bat.

The album starts with “Intake Appointment” which features the album title within the lyrics. It

definitely gives off midwest emo sad boy vibes. The song discusses the topic of mental health

and knowing that you’re not okay. It also touches on the medical industry taking advantage of

patients. “Controlling the messes/Psychosis that they’re feeding,” sings Ben. The song overall is

about wondering why you have these issues and why life handed you this card.

“Whiplash” follows and is about battling with alcoholism. It has clear references to the 12-step

program and sobriety chips that people earn when they reach sobriety milestones. Ben sings

about battling his demons and not letting them take over, and winning over temptation. “Demons

say hello/Something you should know/If I go tonight/Bury me in white.”

The third song on the album is “Scrunchies.” I personally feel as though it is the weakest song of

the album. It is very reminiscent of heartbreak songs by mom jeans. The song talks about a

failed relationship and finding the scrunchies/belongings of your former partner and

remembering what you had with that person. “Fly from LAX/Catching up on Sex/Holiday

downtown/Parents weren’t around/Praying in this church begging you to stay/Cut you from the

cast.” The guitar part in the bridge makes you want to head bang, the vocal effect solidifies the

emotion of the song.

“L.U.T. (Commitment)” follows “Scrunchies.” The instruments and melody flows really well with

the vibe of the song. I personally really liked this song lyrically as it’s about wanting to be with

someone but knowing that they just want to use you. “Can't seem to pierce your chest/ Since I’m

too blunt when opening up,” Ben sings. This line is a beautiful analogy of being the knife to open

someone up but you're not “sharp enough” or what the person wants. It’s the heartbreak of

putting effort into someone who won’t commit to you.

The next song “MANIA'' reels you in with the bass and guitar intro. It has a huge grunge feel that

is perfect for a circle pit. The song discusses what it's like to be in your mind going non-stop and overall dealing with mental health issues. “Enter my mind/Ego trips and insomnia/Nothing to

hide/Try and find what’s inside this mania.”

“Only Takes One” is the sixth song on the album. Immediately the guitar intro pulls you into the

melody. The song talks about missing a potential lover and hoping to have a relationship but

soon realizing they want nothing more than to be a “situationship.” “Situationship is what its

called/Running out of any dignity/ Says a lot of what you think of me”

My Patient Baby is the seventh song on the album. The guitar riff is beautiful throughout the

song and flows well. The song seems to be about a partner and enabling one another as they

deal with similar issues, in essence a toxic relationship. “We’re just two lonely souls that fill our holes/ its for convenience,” Ben sings.

The eighth song on the album is “Envious (We’re Taking Back the Town).” The song has a

grungey feel and vocals are mixed very well. “I’ve cracked the code/I’ll break the mold/ My

patch is ironed in.” The song discusses criticism the band has possibly received from others and

the possible haunting negative thoughts that follow from the haters.

My favorite track on the album follows. “Eve” featuring Frowny Faces’ very own Frankie Nicole!

The song and the way it was mixed was done beautifully, especially the vocal effects on both

Ben and Frankie. My favorite part is the band references in the song referring to New Found

Glory and Death Cab for Cutie. “My friends over you/ How the song goes/Funny how that works

as a dad joke/Follow you into the dark there's a death cab car going somewhere far.”

“Assembly Line” is the tenth song on the album and it features Uriel Barragan playing the

trumpet. The intro with the trumpet is beautiful as well as panning of the sound. “Just give me a

reason/The purpose I was built for/Dear god your assembly line has flawed me.” Similar to the

opening song, Ben sings about wondering why you’re going through certain situations and why

god “assembled” you like this.

“He was a Big Fish, Even Then” is the final song and is the most sentimental in my opinion. The

beginning guitar riff is beautiful and compliments the song. The song is about missing a loved

one who passed on that always supported you. Personally this song hits home as I recently lost

someone close in my life and I miss them everyday. “Only in my dreams you had never left,”

which many listeners can relate to when listening to the song.

The album is very solid and is a good base for Case Study to work off of in their future projects. I

will say some of the mixing of vocal and instrumental balance could use some tweaking as the vocals can get lost in the instrumental and vice versa. Congrats to Case Study and their debut!

Be sure to check out Case Study and stream their album, "The Problem with Me is Everything" everywhere you listen to music!

For Fans of:

Blink 182

All Time Low


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