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The Canonets ride the 80s new wave resurgence with their song, "It's Later Than You Think"

Genre: Indie Rock

"Are you tired of this life? Are you tired of the compromise?"

TW: mentions of suicide

Derived from the low valleys of LA County, The Canonets are a group of bright-eyed musicians in the midst of the humble beginnings of their musical journey. Yet, with their single, "It's Later Than You Think", they've managed to fast forward their claim to local fame when the song secured a spot in a song competition finale put on by Kairos Core and Frowny Face Records. Its style is incredibly familiar but a fresh take on the type of indie rock popularized in the 80s by bands such as New Order and The Smiths. Connor Jolgren (vox/guitar), Olivia Andonian (vox/guitar), Augustin De La Torre (bass), and Jason AKA Sony (drums) add a unique flavor to the mix that sets this song up to be a crowd favorite.

Crescendoing into existence, "It's Later Than You Think" introduces itself with a mesmerizing loop of twangy instrumentals and a low rumbling bass riff. The upbeat nature of the song has the potential to pull in listeners and get them to dance a little funky. The sound is very reminiscent of 80s new wave, especially The Smiths with the production of the music. While I believe there could be a bit more melodic variety as well as enhanced dynamics, there are moments where the bass gets to shine and you can hear the guitarist experiment a bit with their performance. I love how enthusiastic it sounds especially in the climax of the song towards the end when the vocals raise and there's a more commanding presence felt from each of the members of the group. And speaking of vocals, I really love the blend of Olivia and Connors singing. The two pair well together and give the music some necessary depth.

Highly contrasted with the energy of the song, its lyrics speak of pain and bargaining with a higher power: "Tell me all your secret plans/did He stop for you or you for Him?/ Are you tired of this life?/ Are you tired of the compromise?" In this 2nd person point of view, the lyrics sound like they are coming from the voice inside one's mind while they are going through a mental health crisis. "He" and "Him" are also capitalized, meaning the lyrics are referring to God or another higher power. "Tell me of this dreadful storm/ the one inside you since you were born/ strap me up with the ties that bind/ no one here has to say goodbye," the band sings in the final burst of energy in the song. Here, we are given the knowledge that our protagonist has been battling with depression and may be contemplating suicide. However, and with the switch to 1st person point of view- they are begging to be held back from this permanent decision which may give listeners some peace of mind at the end. While the lyrics are scarce, they're well conveyed and highly poetic.

Overall, "It's Later Than You Think" by the Canonets is a great breakthrough song for the band as they acclimate themselves in the local music community in Southern California. The music brings a familiar feeling with its 80s New Wave influence and is perfect to dance to at any show. However, there's a lot more depth to be discovered once you listen to the lyrics and I have to say that I'm a big fan of this contrast in composition. I'm looking forward to witnessing the progression of this band and hearing some new material!

Be sure to check out The Canonets and stream their song, "It's Later Than You Think" everywhere you listen to music!

For Fans of:

The Smiths

New Order

The Cure

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