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Von’s Island represents that classic sound of the local scene with their song, “Softball”

Genre: Punk Rock, Rock

“I’m not angry, I just wish the world wasn’t as cruel as I see.”

Based in the greater Los Angeles area, Von’s Island has been dishing out rock and roll since 2015 and releasing music since 2022. They are no strangers to the local music scene in Southern California and that is present in their newest single titled, “Softball”. There’s an endearing amount of crunch and plenty of grit to grab in punk rock fans looking to discover a new artist to listen to. It has the perfect sound for chaotic backyard parties everywhere.

Going into the song, you get a really nice intro with the lead guitar and the low rumbling of the drums as it picks up to a steady tempo. The music kicks into high gear for a few moments before dipping back down for the verses. Here, you get the lead singer yelling over the composition, talking about how he surrounds himself with friends hoping that one day he could feel happiness: “...the company would finally make me happy. Maybe in the context of hoping I won’t die alone.” He also delves into his feelings surrounding how he sees the world around him and listeners get some insight into how this may affect his well-being: “And everyone has their duties, I’m not angry, I just wish the world wasn’t as cruel as I see. Playing voicemails from my memories.” I think the lyrics are very sad but I think that what he is talking about could relate to their audience. It is a universal feeling to feel hopeless and sad about the state of our world.

Once the chorus hits, that is when the music goes crazy in the best way. It is the kind of arrangement that will have you ferociously moving your head and hopping around the pit in a fit of uncharacterized whimsy. It’s not enough to throw elbows, but it certainly is something that would grab a bystander’s attention at the function. The progression isn’t anything complicated, but it works regardless. It’s hard to make what the lyrics are when everything is playing all at once and the production isn’t very “polished”, but, to me, that’s expected from the style.

Overall, I believe “Softball” is one of the best songs that has come from Von’s Island. The message is relatable, the energy is there, and it has the kind of charm that brings people to the local music scene. I think it’s a solid release from the band and I hope they continue their journey by releasing some more music in the future!

Be sure to check out Von’s Island and stream their song, “Softball” everywhere you listen to music!

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