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Verum reintroduces themselves with their newest EP, "FEED"

Genre: Hard Rock, Alternative, Prog Rock

“I’m coming back to take what’s mine.”

Rocking from Brea California, Verum describes themselves as a band with a sound comprised of various iterations of rock and roll including prog, hard, and alternative rock. Their members consist of Darren Kaiser on guitar and vocals, Carson Kaiser on bass, Mitch on guitar, and Eric de Masi on drums. With their name meaning “truth” in Latin, they certainly live up to it on their newest EP titled, “FEED”. Bold and unwavering, Verum discusses topics of religion, hopelessness, anger, and more through a series of poems and melancholic melodies doused with distortion and filled with passion.

When I think of a well-composed album, I think of one with a great opening song in the beginning and a nice closer to finish it off. Verum accomplishes this with their first song on the album, “Spawn of Galloway”. It starts off super soft with this nice drone that moves us into the absolute crunchy madness of the verses and chorus. The lyrics are very powerful and would certainly concern Catholic mothers everywhere: “May your soul never rest, and find itself in a neverending hell of losing what you love over and over and over again.” Something about the lyrics of this song tells me this album is heading in a direction which criticizes the current state of society as a harborer of deceit and misfortune. Maybe, Idk.

In their next song, “Wraith”, Darren comes in with a string of poetic lines that more clearly describe his thoughts and feelings: “I was raised on an apathetic platform; one that taught me that happiness could be found in the pockets of everyone around me.” I really love how personal this album is so far. I can feel a lot of the anger and confusion towards life that is being conveyed through not only the lyrics but also the instrumentals. There’s a dissonance to the guitar and subtle urgency in the drums. The singer passionately proclaims a speech I assume is about seeking freedom from the confines of his mind and the expectations of life in general. This is the message we are left with before the EP quickly transitions into the next song, “Qbert”.

Cinematic in structure and bold as ever, “Qbert” gives listeners something else to munch on. This third song is where the music starts to come together more cohesively. There’s so much variation but it is what I would call organized chaos. There’s still a direction for listeners to go in, but it’s not devoid of ups and downs and loops and twists. To put my feelings simply and unprofessionally, this song fucks. HARD. It reminds me a lot of older music by Bring Me the Horizon, especially the middle. The raw vocals and cinematic instrumentals carried by the band create an experience that I could only describe as heartbreakingly ethereal.

Going into the fourth song of the EP, “Ego”, I immediately notice how much warmer and bright the composition is. The song then turns darker as it transitions to another speech made by Darren that is absolutely bonkers but so real as someone who has grown up religious and sees the effects of its corruption every day. Completely unapologetic, Darren calls out and mocks the people who have bastardized the purpose of religion through an exaggerated prayer: “Lord to God in the highest and peace to his people on earth. Lord God, Heavenly King, Almighty God, and Father we worship you. We give you thanks for allowing us the mistreatment of those not mature enough to know the difference and those brainwashed to accept our ruse. We praise you Lord…our king, our killer our weapon.” You can feel the pain of someone wronged under each uttered word. These lyrics are brutally honest in the best way and super impactful.

Nearing the end of the album, we get their songs titled, “SCP” and “Ender”. In the second to last one, the band has a bit of fun with the composition. It’s upbeat and would be perfect to incorporate on their setlist for future shows as it begs to play over a mosh pit. It has an energy that will have you banging your head and swinging your body around to the beat. In the last song, “Ender”, the band sends us home with a few more words brought to you by Darren: “ Draw your sword again this time….Through fire and salt from the sky, my crusade(?) will bloom, this time.” To me, the end of this EP sounds rather hopeful. It speaks of reclaiming oneself and fighting to the end through tooth and nail. It’s a great ending to a rollercoaster of an EP.

Be sure to check out Verum and stream their newest EP, “FEED” everywhere you listen to music!

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