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The Sols deliver high quality music with their song, “NYSAD”

Genre: Indie Rock

“I’m lost for words, but I like to speak.”

Hailing from San Diego California, The Sols are a 4-piece indie rock band with a lot to show for. In their newest single, “NYSAD”, The band gives listeners punchy instrumentals that mirror the feeling of blood pumping through your veins with every beat. The energy is really well-balanced and the vocals are passionate and express the ache of a soon-to-be distant love. The Sols have found their sound with “luv kramer” and continue to develop it in this fourth single of theirs.

The song contains classic elements of any great indie rock tune: a simple drum beat, a bright-sounding lead guitar melody, twangy rhythm guitar strumming, and a rumbling bass progression to match. The formula presented here is almost always guaranteed to lure indie rock fans. There’s nothing incredibly special about it, but man is it fun. I feel like The Sols could write a song about potato skins and it’d be a crowd favorite at gigs all around SoCal. They know what they’re doing, they know what sounds best, and they’re rolling with it.

When it comes to the quality of the production of their music, I think it’s there 100%. When I found out they only have a little over 150 monthly listeners on Spotify, my eyes bugged out of my head in a cartoonish manner. I’m so serious when I say their quality stands next to many popular local music veterans such as Surely Tempo, Sad Park, Bed, and more! I need to see them on a bill with either of the bands mentioned like yesterday. The music is fun! It’s catchy! It’s danceable! It’s passionate! It’s so good! Am I going crazy? I feel like I’m losing it.

Segwaying into the meaning of the song, it’s obvious that it’s about someone who’s upset about someone they love leaving them behind. Our protagonist can’t sleep, can’t speak, and is in complete shambles over the situation: “Lately I’m troubled trying to sleep. Trust fall onto a palm tree. Sewage drain, you’re insane I’d rather think. I’m lost for words but I like to speak.” The reason for his issues becomes apparent once the chorus comes in: “I don’t want to be sad when you leave me for New York.” The song acts as almost a letter with the way the lyrics document the pain of the protagonist. I quite like this idea, it gives the song a bit more depth to it.

Overall, “NYSAD” by The Sols is another hit in my opinion. In how little time they have been a band, they have managed to skip all of the poorly produced, guinea pig songs that most bands release early into their career. I, personally, think this is unfair. They’re almost like the kid you knew in school who never had an awkward phase- just straight to being hot and charismatic. The quality that is being put out by them is incredible, and this fourth single continues to impress. I already know the direction this band is going in and I can’t wait to see them shine.

Be sure to check out The Sols and stream their newest single, “NYSAD” everywhere you listen to music!

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