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The Offtrax have us dancing and crying at the same time with their song, "Hazardous Bliss"

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Genre: Indie Rock, Surf Rock, Garage Rock

"Nobody warns you about hazardous bliss."

On the surface, you may think "Hazardous Bliss" is just another surf punk song by an indie band. However, the song has layers that build it up to something greater. Its intuitive lyrics, passionate vocals, and clean production makes this an instant local indie rock classic.

Right away when you hear the low, fast-paced drumbeat come in, you know it's going to be a fun song where you can dance like a goofball with one of your friends in some dude's backyard on a Wednesday night. Those moments are timeless. Hearing intros like these get me so hyped up for what I'm about to experience.

The rhythm guitar maintains the energy with its complex strumming pattern. I also really love the added lead guitar that's just absolutely shredding over the rhythm in a higher register, giving the song a nice contrast in sound.

On the same note, the band did really well at contrasting the verses, the pre chorus, and the chorus. There are strong indicators like Kevin picking up more notes as lead guitar right at the chorus and David singing a melody that doesn't resemble the verse before it too closely. This along with the addition of the background vocals, are a couple of my favorite things about this song that's littered with old 60s surf rock nostalgia.

One of the other favorite aspects of mine are the lyrics. When I listened to the song for the first time I didn't listen with intent on understanding what they meant. But, once I really focused in on what he was singing (and reading the lyrics on Spotify) I was blown away by how descriptive and depressing they are: "one dried up beach bum on the sidewalk. With a lonely $20 in his hand. Should he use his money for a high or should he be a better man?" These lines elicit dark imagery that gives me a sinking feeling in my chest. However, I find myself really loving the juxtaposition of sad lyrics with happy-sounding music. This kind of song always trips me out and makes me think.

Overall, I absolutely adore "Hazardous Bliss". Its infectious, upbeat energy masking the sad lyrics and their great execution of songwriting tools makes this easily a classic for me in the local indie rock scene in SoCal.

Be sure to check out The Offtrax and stream their song, "Hazardous Bliss" everywhere you listen to music!

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