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The Indecisive commit to creating outside of the box with their song, "Falcon-Venezuela"

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Genre: Math Rock, Midwest Emo, Post-hardcore, Pop-punk

"The sparkle in your eye will light up all of the sky."

From the bustling city of Pomona California, The Indecisive are a powerful threesome of three dudes: Matt Steinberg (vocals/guitar), Rocky Espinoza (bass/vocals), and Bryan Steinmetz (drums). Since 2019, the band has transcended the IE ranks with their explosive musical talents and rhythmically diverse math rock. Or Midwest emo? Or post-hardcore? I guess you can say they’re a bit indecisive when it comes to choosing a genre. In their song, “Falcon-Venezuela” from their EP "I Stayed Up Late to Write This", the band stays outside of the box with their creativity and intricate medley of styles that’ll have you bopping along. From the sporadic rhythm changes to the powerful screaming in between mind-blowing guitar melodies, this song comes at you fast and hits you in all directions.

Light and delicate, the guitar at the beginning sets you up for the complete opposite of what you will hear in the next ten seconds. Whatever you think the song will sound like, throw it out the door. It is so incredibly rich with varying sequences that get more exciting as each one is introduced. There’s a great energy to “Falcon-Venezuela” that I know would perform well in-concert. I can imagine how fun it would be to witness this song in a live setting. I wouldn’t stop staring at Matt’s hands. I’d be fixated on how the heck he plays all of those notes! Each member executes great skill at their instrument: Matt has a nice grit to his vocals and the guitar has a blow-your-face-off quality to it, Rocky adds a great meaty element with the bass, and Bryan keeps the energy up with the tight, spontaneity of the drums.

Unfortunately, as someone who doesn’t listen to math rock, I don’t see myself having this song in my usual rotation. But, there’s an artistry to it that I know would be appreciated by lovers of all kinds of music. Whether you’re into jazz, hip-hop, metal, or any other genre, you would hear this song and be impressed by the amount of time and attention that must’ve gone into the composition. The lyrics are also super sweet with the way they talk about a romantic interest. “The sparkle in your eye will light up all of the sky”. There are a lot of great descriptors utilized throughout the lyrics that really help you to visualize the love and admiration the protagonist has for their lover. This is just another element that adds to the success of the song.

Overall, “Falcon-Venezuela” by The Indecisive is a musical puzzle with many different pieces that come together to form one big picture that represents skill, creativity, and love. I’d recommend it to math rock, Midwest emo, post-hardcore, pop-punk lovers all around. The musical intricacy that’s exhibited in the song is impressive and I’m excited to see where this band goes!

Make sure to check out The Indecisive and stream their song “Falcon-Venezuela” off of their EP titled "I Stayed Up Late to Write this Song" everywhere you listen to music!

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