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The Frick Fracks have us stuck to them with their song, "Tether"

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The Frick Fracks have come in swinging with their gritty and emotional performance in their song, “Tether” from their newest EP under the name “AstroVan/Tether”. It immediately pulls you in with the really nice keys that blend nicely with the overdrive of the guitar and Devin’s amazing voice. It’s the perfect intro to get the listener ready to indulge in the rest of the song.

Speaking of indulging, I think it’s hard not to while listening to the vocals. They’re powerful and have a style perfect for the rock genre the band falls under. Devin adds something really special to the song with how emotive she is, and the way she can belt then sing so perfectly softly at the end is a sign of how well she can move from head to chest voice. As a singer, this is my bread and butter, and I enjoy getting to listen to other singers from the local music scene.

In terms of the musicianship from the other three gals, there really is nothing for me to critique! I can’t think of one thing I would want anyone to change. The drums are consistent, the guitarist gives us a sick solo right in the middle, the bass is nice and fatty, and the keys are soft and moody which perfectly aligns with the feeling of the song, everything sounds great to me! This is a solid song I think everyone should take the time to listen to. I couldn’t be more excited about the album!

Make sure to check out the Frick Fracks and their song, "Tether" everywhere you listen to music!

Stream "Tether" on Spotify:

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