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The Dreamscape releases a loud proclamation of passion in their single, "DESIRES"

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Genre: Western Surf Rock

“Your love is a drug that paralyzes me.”

Most people say that love makes you do dumb things. According to The Dreamscape, love makes you produce notable surf rock anthems. With a slow, brooding introduction, their single “Desires” takes off with a whirring saxophone solo and lush instrumentals more than a mother could love. In the song, our protagonist is exclaiming his feelings about and towards a romantic interest through Darius’s thunderous, gritty vocals: “My world is on fire, destruction the only desire,” he sang, each lyric coming out stronger than the next. There could have been more moments of emptiness or a stronger change in dynamics, but the form is still nicely distinguished with the additional instruments played in the chorus, which is exciting and vivid.

As soon as you hear the saxophone, you already know that you’re going to be hootin’ and a hollerin’. It’s definitely not subtle, but it’s really well written and not over-stimulating to where you wish there was less of it. The production is well balanced and I like how I can hear everything from the keys to the bass. However, I think there could have been more moments where some of the instruments cut out between the instrumentals and the verses. It would have enhanced the louder, more passionate moments of the song where the singer is wailing his love.

The lyrics in adjacent to the music evoke strong feelings of desire that is present in their meaning: “I see you walk by and I can’t control these feelings. You stare into my eyes and see a love that is burning,” Darius lamented. Each line is very descriptive and does a great job at emulating a helpless cry for love. However, you’re soon introduced to a piece of lore about how they really feel: “But you’re no good for me baby,” they confess. Our character is distraught by how much they want this person, because they know deep inside they’re not the one. The wailing vocals compliment these intense feelings, but the dynamics could have been better executed. Darius’s voice remains the same volume level most of the time aside from the chorus and the ending. He has such a powerful voice, I would love to hear more of what he’s capable of! I’d love to see more exploration with timbre in future releases.

Overall, “Desires” is a really fun song. The lyrics are well written, the vocals are very emotive, and the sax solo is off the charts. There are some small issues with the dynamics in between and during sections, but The Dreamscape’s 3rd 2022 single has a lot of western flair that makes it an easy listen for surf rock enjoyers all over.

Be sure to check out The Dreamscape and their single, “Desires” everywhere you listen to music!

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