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Reservoir Valley gets candid in their single, "Filler"

Genre: Indie Rock

"Failed the test balancing what I want with what I need."

Based in Pomona California, Reservoir Valley is set to take the local music scene by storm with their indie rock jams that'll have you reminiscing about the days of being young and full of life. Their newest single, "Filler" is a song that captivates with its moody instrumentals, lucid atmosphere, and a chorus that punches you in the throat.

Delicate and rich in tone, the beginning of the song is a breath of fresh air. The progression is beautiful and compliments the voice of Daniel Diaz, who is also the rhythm guitarist for the band. The way the soft plucking of the guitar comes in is reminiscent of the feeling of watching the sunrise. The brief duet between rhythm and lead guitar eventually gets interrupted by the drums, which come in to give the song that kind of punch it needs to really progress the energy of the composition.

Right away, the lyrics are incredibly honest and show self-awareness: "Honestly I'm fucking tired. There's so much on my plate," Daniel sings. His low-toned singing really cuts through the brightness of the instrumentals and communicates the jaded, burnt-out feeling that he is expressing in these lyrics: "Failed the test balancing what I want with what I need." Most working-class people grow sick of the constant monotony of their lives. You wake up, go to work, then go home. Then, you do it all over again until you retire (or die, which is more likely). Finding a work-life balance is difficult. Daniel does a great job at communicating this feeling in a way that's straightforward and universally understood.

Going into the structure of the song, I'd like to shine a light on their wonderful use of dynamics. The verse is nice and mellow, but once the chorus hits the energy soars and it's so satisfying. It's one of those choruses where you want to start headbanging a bit even though the tone is generally more somber than heavy. There's nothing too special about the ensemble of instruments, but each one does its job and finds a way to stand out amongst the arrangement. I guess you can say that Reservoir Valley passed the test by balancing the mix as a whole.

Overall, "Filler" is a great song. The band managed to create a nice atmosphere with the utilization of effects and skillfully executed dynamics. The lyrics are also very relatable and honest to their very core. It's a short and sweet song and I'm excited to hear more from the band!

Be sure to check out Reservoir Valley and stream their single, "Filler" everywhere you listen to music!

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