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Tables Turned is turning heads with their song, "Safe to Say"

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Genre: Pop Punk

"I've come to terms with things I'll never learn."

Calling all pop-punk sad kids looking for a new band to listen to. Look no further than San Pedro, CA locals Tables Turned! Their latest single “Safe to Say,” is the song to listen to when you want to yell at the top of your lungs and question why things happen in this world.

The San Pedro band is made up of Sam Baldonado (guitar/vocals), Carlos Bayona (drums) and Rick Jimenez (Bass). Tables Turned has been around since about 2019. They established themselves prior to the pandemic with their first EP produced by the icon, Alex Estrada, known for his work with Joyce Manor, Touche Amor, and Rotting Out.

“Safe to Say” is very melodic and heartbreaking. The song tells the story of being stuck in your head with no way out, so gut-wrenching it feels like suffocating.

“Let me breathe/or think of something to fix this mess inside of my head/I’ve come to terms with things I’ll never learn/But I’ve been trying to fix my mind,” Maldonado sings. Listeners will be able to relate as chronic negative thoughts like insecurities, regrets, heartbreak, betrayal and more can linger non-stop. As humans, being comforted by someone we love can help diminish these thoughts.

The song is accompanied by an awesome one-minute bass intro, after that minute the rest of the band comes in along with the vocals. It is pieced so well together, with a melodic voice and heartbreaking lyrics, it is reminiscent of The Story So Far’s recent album “Proper Dose.”

Toward the end of the chorus, the story continues with realizing how lonely it can be stuck in your mind. “Face to Face you don’t know me/there's not a trace of us anymore/the afterlife is so lonely/safe to say I’ve been here before.” As someone who has suffered from lingering thoughts like these, it lets the listener know that they’re not alone.

Truthfully, after listening to Tables Turned whole discography, their song has the power to be at the same level as prominent bands in the scene now. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

Be sure to check out Tables Turned and stream “Safe to Say,” everywhere you listen to music!

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