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Summersol makes us swoon with their debut single, "River Lily"

Genre: Indie Rock

“You’re like the rain putting out a flame.”

Based in Norwalk California, Summersol is a new indie rock band coming into the scene and making a loud entrance with their soft debut single titled, “River Lily”. Incredibly delicate like a budding flower, the song is the textbook definition of a love song. The lyrics are sweet and simple and the music creates an airy landscape for listeners to close their eyes and sink into it. Judging by what I’m hearing from their debut material, there’s already a great presence that’s been created by the band that has great playlisting potential and the ability to reel in an audience.

Lightly saturated with a chorus effect, the song begins with soft guitar strumming followed by staggered entrances by the drums, bass, and vocals. For the verses they have opted to keep them very simple with the vocals being the center of attention. I like how this gave me a chance to listen in on the meaning of the lyrics: “You are my little River Lily. You have faith in me. You are so pretty.” Often associated with purity and majesty, our protagonist proclaims their love for their romantic interest by labeling them their “River Lily”. Aside from the title reflecting their lover, I think the sound of this song reflects it as well. The lyrics are so innocent and the instrumentals are majestic. Everything compliments each other and even reminds me of Coldplay and their song “Sparks”, another wonderful love song I adore.

In the pre-chorus and other instrumental breaks, we get a very bright and twangy guitar arpeggiation of the chord progression that gives the song a dash of surf rock flair. I really like the way these phrases are distinguished throughout the song. It adds some variation that enhances the overall listening experience. When the chorus swells, so does my heart. It’s all very simple but it works well: “Baby just sit right here. Watch the sun disappear.” If the band had a goal to create a song that would be put on millions of romance playlists, they hit the goldmine. It’s designed for slow dancing with the way the beat sways back and forth and every musician plays as if they’re afraid of intruding on a moment between lovers.

Overall, “River Lily” is a wonderful introduction to Summersol and their music. The music is light and airy, the lyrics are cute and charming, and the overall vibe of the song is what the kids would say, “off the charts”. For how simple it is I really like what I’m hearing. It has plenty of listenability and I know that I will be listening to it plenty of times from here on out.

Be sure to check out Summersol and stream their debut single, “River Lily” everywhere you listen to music!

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