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Raccoon Cartoons draws the romantics with their song, “The Sun Cares.”

Time spent with the one you love, passes by with the blink of an eye. Pomona’s indie rock band, Raccoon Cartoons released their single, “The Sun Cares,” on April 14, 2023 – via digital streaming platform, Spotify – warming listeners' hearts everywhere.

Despite the minimalism shown in their lyrics, the soft combination of the introductory guitar riff, snare and an acoustic guitar creates an incredibly euphonious sound, especially for the hopeless romantics. The lyrics create a clear picture as to the meaning, background and overall inspiration for the song all while being performed as a duet. If you’ve ever woken up to a loved one while they were looking at you, you may have been flooded with butterflies and infatuation.

Releasing their first music video for their single on April 9, 2023 via YouTube, Raccoon Cartoons showcases multiple different clips of an emerging relationship mostly at a party, where all they see is each other and nothing else.

I found this song to be very comforting and overall beautiful. The part that caught my ear the most was the guitar riff in the beginning and another in the middle of the song; it created a dreamy, overall aesthetically pleasing impression. If you’re looking for a mellow, wholesome new song, look no further. I can really see a situation of laying outside on a blanket at the beach or a park with a loved one, looking at the clouds in the sky together, and embracing the simplistic – but comforting – song.

Overall, Raccoon Cartoons can definitely set a mood with “The Sun Cares.” Their music video revolving around the recently released single, perfectly depicts the raw emotion and connection between two romantically involved individuals creating a meaningful relationship.

Be sure to check out Raccoon Cartoons and stream their song, "The Sun Cares" everywhere you listen to music!

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