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No Refunds gets us moving with their single, "Dancing with the Dead"

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

No Refunds is back with their new, energetic single, "Dancing with the Dead", and I have plenty of good things to say about it. I'll start by saying that love the plucky electric guitar that introduces the song. It's very reminiscent of the strokes and other early 2000s alternative rock bands. There is something so satisfying about a guitarist plucking each individual string that just hits your eardrums nicely. I wish they had incorporated some more of this throughout the rest of the tune. It would have added another layer for listeners to focus on.

However, there are other elements that stick out to me as well. I like the addition of the synthesizer! Its light drone behind the rest of the instruments adds some fullness and creates an atmosphere throughout the song. They even wrote a synth solo which I think is an interesting choice. They chose to go with the less predictable route and I commend them for committing to it.

Regarding the vocals, I think they're really tight! There's a lot of raw emotion that isn't as present in some of their earlier discographies. It's commanding and draws you in. The way the singer sings the leading lyric, "We're dancing with the dead", reminds me a lot of All Time Low and other pop-punk bands from the 2010s. I would even say that this song almost veers more toward that genre than indie rock.

They also emulate pop-punk through their song structure. The genre is simple and catchy, and I think they did a great job of doing just that. I can tell exactly where the verse, chorus, and bridge are with no confusion. I also admire the very catchy funk of the thumping bass and syncopated drums that make you want to dance (with alive individuals of course).

​Overall, I think this song is very enjoyable. The melody sticks to your brain and the mix is well done. I think fans of No Refunds are in for a treat.

​Stream "Dancing With the Dead" on your favorite streaming platform March 24th!

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