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Integra Pink goes black with their goth-infused single, "As You Feel"

Genre: Darkwave, Alternative, Indie Rock

Have you ever wanted to listen to a song that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to an

eighties goth dance? Because that’s how Integra Pink’s “As You Feel,” makes me feel.

“when they love somebody do they love someone like you?”

The song is a breath of fresh air into the new dark wave genre. Fast-paced drums and an

echoing guitar beat that feels like floating.

As someone who loves the dark wave genre, I am exceptionally biased when I say that this is

one of my top songs of 2023. It’s just the perfect song. It’s also the best song to listen to in that

space between August and September. When the world feels like it is summer but it’s becoming

fall and it feels like a goth beach party.

It sounds like surfer rock mixed with dark wave, and it creates a perfect song.

The lyrics offer this introspective look into love that mixes perfectly with this dark-wave

post-punk song. I mean who doesn’t love to question how they love while also vibing out to a

great song.

And right before the song lets you go along your way, it breaks down into this fast punchy outro.

I wholeheartedly, recommend this song to literally everyone. You will love this song, no matter

what your music taste is, and I have no critiques.

“so when you love somebody do you love someone like you?”

Be sure to check out Integra Pink and stream their single, "As You Feel" everywhere you listen to music!

For Fans of:

Depeche Mode


Joy Division

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