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Hollow Drivers has us looking at the bright side with their song, "Lemonade"

Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop Punk

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

Fiery from the start, Hollow Drivers unleashes their chaotic energy onto listeners with their song, “Lemonade”. It’s bold, fun, and has some great instrumentation exhibited by the Whittier-based musicians. There’s also a sweet meaning behind the lyrics that encourages listeners to understand that it's okay when life comes with issues. It's all about what you do with what you got.

Established in 2020, Hollow Drivers came into the local music scene swinging with their bodacious alternative rock drizzled with pop punk influence. Since their debut single, "In My Room" I'd say the bunch has made significant improvements on their production. In "Lemonade", the boys filled in any previous space with their wall of sound carried by the overdriven guitars and roaring crash symbol. But perhaps there's areas of the song that could benefit from more moments of dynamic variation. From start to finish, the energy is at ten. I wish there had been a bridge or something where it started low then gradually ramped back up to the usual cacophony. However, there is a great distinction in melody. I can tell where the verse ends and the chorus begins based off of the singing and slight variation of guitar strumming.

The lyrics give listeners a bit of encouragement: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When things don’t come easy that’s okay." Sometimes life can bring challenges that seem impossible to get through. Sometimes there's times when day after day it seems like the universe is against you. When you experience moments like these, you just want to throw yourself over a bridge. Like a really, really, tall one over a river of hungry crocodiles and sharp rocks. But fret not, Hollow Drivers is here to remind us to always look at the bright side and find the positive in the negative.

Overall, I like how fun and upbeat the song is and the message is sweet. There's some skill being exhibited by the musicians in terms of the technicality of each performance. There are plenty of mind-blowing drum fills and an impressive guitar solo towards the end that shows listeners that they know how to rock.

Be sure to check out Hollow Drivers and stream their song, "Lemonade" everywhere you listen to music!

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