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Haydel Bruder show dynamic range in their song, "Hau ab! (Taste of Treason)"

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Genre: Hardcore, Metal

"You brought me up, you tear me down. Families died for me, they said they would die for me."

With the mesmerizing guitars and synth effects in the intro, Haydel Bruder sets you up for a musically diverse rollercoaster in their song, “Hau ab! (Taste of Treason)”. 

As someone who doesn’t usually listen to metal (especially in German), I knew I was going to be experiencing something entirely different than what I’m used to. However, whether it's metal or indie pop, both genres stick to the same writing formula for the most part. There’s an intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc. The main difference is in the style. So I began my listening journey with an open mind and focused on each section of the song to see what I could critique. 

Despite having a soft spot for the more mellow, shoegaze-y parts where it’s just the light plucking of the guitars and some synth sounds, I can appreciate the musicality in the stronger, more gritty moments of the song as well. The guttural screams are intelligible, the guitars have the perfect amount of edge, and the drums are tight and consistent. Every instrument stands out and doesn’t fight over each other. I feel when you’re mixing metal music you may run into the issue of it sounding too muddy but I think whoever mixed it did a great job at avoiding that.

The mix and use of dynamics really nurtures a great atmosphere in “Hau ab! (Taste of Treason)” that you can dive into and escape in for a while. There’s enough interest to keep you engaged for all 7 minutes. The song isn’t just a wall of noise for its entire duration, there are also moments of quiet in the beginning, middle, and end that contrast the much louder and intense sections in between. These moments almost serve as breaks for the listener to breathe and get ready for the intensity that proceeds it. I think this indicates great skill from the band. They don’t just play a stream of chords together and scream over them, they know when to appreciate moments of quiet and utilize it as a tool to enhance a song.  

Overall, I’m happy to have expanded my music taste by taking a listen to Haydel Bruder’s “Hau ab! (Taste of Treason)”. Its musical diversity, clear mix, and successful use of dynamics is sure to please metal enjoyers far and wide.

Be sure to check out Haydel Bruder and stream their song, "Hau Ab! (Taste of Treason)" everywhere you listen to music!

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