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Glass Generation goes out with a bang with their first and final EP, "Never Better"

Genre: Pop Punk, Rock

Heartbreak never felt so good. Glass Generation’s new EP delivers heartbreak in the most beautiful way in their new EP “Never Better.”

Glass Generation were a Los Angeles local band consisting of guitarist/vocalist Stefan Kennedy,

drummer/vocalist Lo Kuei Na and his brother Yu Cheng on guitar, and Samuel Pacheco-Villegas

on the bass. The band announced their hiatus on August 23rd but committed to releasing their

EP. Despite their hiatus, anticipation grew as this would be the last EP the band puts out.

“Never Better” tells the story of a relationship that unfortunately doesn’t work out. It tells the

story song by song, starting with how the couple can try to make it work until the relationship

ends but one of the partners reminisces on how beautiful it was while it lasted.

The EP begins with the song “Make it Last.” It radiates punk vibes, specifically like the band The

Descendants. When the song starts, listeners are immediately pulled in by the drum beat and

guitar riff. Listeners can imagine themselves head banging and two-stepping in the mosh pit with

the beat of the song.

“We both worked so hard/We both did our part/Let's try and make it work and hope this time it’ll last, it’ll last,” Stefan Kennedy sings. This song introduces the listener to the couple in the story

of this EP and how they are trying to do their best to make the relationship work, although there

are some doubts. This song is reminiscent of break up songs by The Descendents, the overall

drum beat is classic descendants and the melody of the vocals is the same style as Milo Aukerman (lead singer of The Descendents) which fits Stefan Kennedy’s voice so well.

“Holding Hope” is the song that follows. It stands strong and is a beautiful song within the story

about holding onto hope that things will get better with your partner or someone you care about,

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The next song, “Wasted,” gives the vibes of old school Blink-182. The instrumentals remind me

of Blink-182’s “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2001)” and “Enema of the State (1999).”

However, lyrically it reminds me of the song “Wasting Time,” off of Blink-182’s debut album

“Cheshire Cat (1994).” The song continues the story, thinking things were changing in the

relationship but ultimately weren't. It follows perfectly behind the previous song, from holding

hope to giving up after wasted time and efforts.

“Thought that we were fine/So why/Can’t we just live this life?/Thought that we were fine? So

why/Do I feel like I wasted my life with you?” Kennedy sings.

The penultimate “No More Joyce Manor'' follows “Wasted” and much like the song’s title, it is

very reminiscent of the band Joyce Manor. The song continues the story of the relationship after

the inevitable break up. After the relationship broke the person down and put them through hell,

they now have to pick up the pieces of themselves. Listeners can feel the heartbreak and go through the motions of wondering what your now former partner is thinking, missing them but

not being able to have them.

“I’m not who I am/Breaking down again/Perfect just for you/I’m not sure I'll pull through,”

Kennedy sings.

“Shirley'' is the final song and longest on the EP. The song is melodic and heartbreaking and is

ultimately a love letter to the former partner, thanking them for the relationship and remembering its beauty. “I forget what the day was/But I know it for the rest of my life/I forget what the day was/But I remember I felt so right,” Kennedy sings.

“Never Better” is truly a beautiful and intricately put EP. With this being their final EP, Glass

Generation nailed it and made me feel exactly what they felt. Going through the motions of the

heartbreak with them, us as the audience can only hope that they will be back very soon.

“Never Better” is available now on all streaming services.

For the fans of:

Joyce Manor




The Descendents

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