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Cold Cut comes in hot with their song, "Fire"

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Genre: Rock, Psychedelic Rock

"Take apart my swollen heart. end it all and set me free."

With a melancholy-driven intro guided by the guitar and the drums, Cold Cut begins their song almost with a warm up for what's to come. Released in 2022, "Fire" is a force to be reckoned with amongst the local music scene. The production is clean and the vocals are emotive and strong, and there's a classic sound to it but it's also refreshing at the same time.

I was first pulled into this song because of the guitar progression with the vocals. Elmar has a very raspy, tonal voice that smoothly moves from lower to higher notes . It blends well with the spaced-out electric guitar and low, rumbling drums that appropriately execute dynamics to avoid clogging up the rest of the mix.

Their chorus reminds me a lot of "House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals. I feel like the progression is similar. This also caught my attention because I'm a fan of the song and had a good feeling Cold Cut would take a classic progression and vibe and give it its own charm and interpretation. The production adds an alternative edge, the chorus is catchy, and the vocals are a bit smoother and rhythmically correct with the beat.

Despite the singing being more on beat, it still maintains its uniqueness and emotes the lyrics really well: "Take apart my swollen heart. End it all and set me free." The lyrics are descriptive and cut to your core with it's imagery. You can physically feel the actions that are within them. The emotion of the song transitions well into the intensity at the end when the whole thing sounds it's fullest. The drums are nice and chaotic, the guitar solo adds a lot of interest with the way it cuts through the low ends of the mix, and the vocals are powerful enough to send you soaring. It's the perfect ending for a fast-paced, passionate song.

Be sure to check out Cold Cut and stream their song, "Fire" everywhere you listen to music!

For fans of:

The Animals

Kings of Leon

The Black Keys

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