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Check mate, Chess Club: 'Invisible Veil' Transports Listeners to a Soothing Indie Paradise

“I’m standing on the outside looking in, and I’ll follow you down…”

Originating in Rancho Cucamunga, CA, Chess Club formed in 2020 as an alternative rock group with an affinity for the game of chess. Since then, they have released ten singles on Spotify and attracted the attention of listeners with dream-like guitar tones and mellow vocals that are reminiscent of the heyday for 90s shoegaze.

Chess Club was definitely successful in creating something distinctly themselves; a cohesive sound is evident when listening to what the band has released thusfar. With that being said, the group has come a long way since their debut single ‘Drowning’ came out in 2020. Their latest release, ‘Invisible Veil’, shows us a band who has defined their sound and knows their collective strengths.

‘Invisible Veil’ incorporates elements of staple indie rock from the 2010s, modern alternative of today and the heavy, droning tonal sensibilities of 90s shoegaze.

The song begins with just drums and bass, leaving plenty of room for a thick and layered guitar part that draws you in before the vocals start. Like other songs from Chess Club, the guitar creates a full soundscape on its own. Guitar effects are one of Chess Club’s strong suits, and the choice for the guitar tone on this song works well with the overall feeling the band is trying to convey.

The strongest parts of ‘Invisible Veil’ are found in the guitar work and structure, but the rhythm section’s basic sound creates a solid foundation throughout the song that highlights the vocals and guitar.

The double-tracked vocals add to the already dreamy atmosphere on the track, giving a rich reverb that matches the guitar sound. All of these elements culminate in the soaring and catchy chorus, which repeats “I’ll follow you down…” and brings to mind the feeling of sinking deeper and deeper into the layers of the song.

There is a lofi quality in the production that helps the feeling of the song rather than hindering it. The guitar parts are mixed in a way that fits perfectly with the rest of the band. The production gives you the feeling that you’re listening to a truly indie band, and there’s something very special about that.

Like a game of chess, the members of Chess Club know when to make the right move with their music. ‘Invisible Veil’ is a great example of the growth the band has experienced since their formation, and I look forward to what the band brings to the table next.

Check out the rest of Chess Club’s work on any streaming platform and stay tuned for their upcoming live performances!

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