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Case Study has us reminiscing with their upcoming single, "Scrunchies"

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Genre: Emo, Pop-Punk, Indie Rock. Pop Rock

“I’m just left with all your scrunchies, tying up my heart.”

When you are in a relationship with someone, you spend time together. When you spend time together, you make memories. When you make memories, they stay in your mind. When you go through a breakup, it’s not like those memories disappear. They personify into buildings, the breakfast you’re eating, or a stranger on a train. Only after some time will you slowly start to see the world again without their presence weaved inside of it. But every now and then, you’re still reminded of the love you once shared.

In Case Study’s newest single, “Scrunchies”, the protagonist opens up about their previous relationship and how it still affects them. From what I’m hearing from the lyrics, each scrunchy represents a memory that was once shared, and they’re having a rough time coping with the fact that that’s all that’s left of their ex-lover. I think the lyrics do a great job of conveying this dread that comes from being reminded of someone special who is no longer present in your life. They aren’t too wordy or overcomplicated, and sometimes clever, like when they make the math analogy: “Meet in algebra. It’s not adding up. Problems multiply, better to divide.” However, I wish the lyrics were sung with a bit more color to them. The vocals could have been richer in tone and delivered with some extra OOMPH. Delivery is essential to a great vocal performance of this genre.

Having adopted the emo genre title, Case Study does a great job of establishing the classic ABAB form in each of its newest releases. In “Scrunchies”, there are clear indicators of when you’re listening to the verse, chorus, and post-chorus they added in the end. The song doesn’t leave you wondering what point you’re at in the music, and the instrumentation attributes to this success. There’s a lot of variation in the drums and there are moments when the rhythm guitar cuts out and allows for the vocals to pop. The chorus is also really catchy and has a lot of energy that’d pair well with being in a film straight out of the early 2000s, as per usual by the band. The whole vibe of the song is nostalgic, a continuing trend that I’m hearing from the band.

Overall, “Scrunchies” by Case Study is another great release by the band. The lyrics are honest, the form is well executed, the chorus is catchy, and there are a lot of nostalgic feelings that it evokes. Despite the vocals needing a stronger presence, I think that this song has great qualities that would perform well with listeners of this genre. I’m happy to have gotten to listen to this song prior to this release and can’t wait to see how it’s received!

Make sure to check out Case Study and stream their newest single “Scrunchies” everywhere you listen to music!

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