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Black Market the Band leans into thrash metal with their latest single, "Tattoo"

Genre: Thrash Metal, Alternative, Metal

"One, two, three, you don't even know me, you don't even know yourself, you don't even need the help."

Based in the streets of Los Angeles California, Black Market the Band creates raw thrash jazz that is incredibly funky. Their newest single, "Tattoo" exemplifies this funk. It's so funky I need to spray potpourri in my ears before I listen to it another time. The bass is bumped, the groove is smooth, and it's overall a good time. There's also a nice structure that's established with there being so many musical variations. Black Market the Band doesn't fit into a box, and "Tattoo" reinforces my statement.

Like the slow rise of a fire, BMTB comes through with a sparkly synth introduction followed by a steady bumbling beat that gets the rhythm into motion. The vocals then come in matching with the thumpy instrumental. I really like the contemporary punk sound with the rapping over the hard rock music. It's very reminiscent of bands like Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down. There's also a smooth transition into the growling in the bridge and screaming in the chorus. It's cool to hear this blend of styles and I think they've executed it very well.

If there is one thing about Black Market the Band, they are not going to stick to conventional ways of writing music. They manage to incorporate whimsical synth playing with slap bass, rapping, growling, screaming, and more. A part of me feels like it teeters on the edge of it being too overwhelming, but regardless I enjoy the organized chaos of it all. "Tattoo" has a sound I know would appeal to fans of hard rock and alternative alike.

Overall, Black Market the Band expands their genre title of "thrash jazz" to another level with this newest release. There is so much happening but it's also kept in an order that establishes the structure very well. "Tattoo" will take listeners back to the 90s/early 2000s with their funky blend of rap and hard rock. BMTB is going in a direction I think will serve them well and I'm looking forward to hearing what else they concoct in the future.

Be sure to check out Black Market the Band and stream their newest single, "Tattoo" everywhere you listen to music!

For Fans of:

Rage Against the Machine

System of a Down



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