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Billy On Campus keeps the good times rollin' with his song, "Mr. Apology"

"Mr. Apology" offers a refreshing change of pace to a self-described song of self-reflection. This

song, with its singer-songwriter revival essence, delivers a light, groovy feel while sneakily

harboring an undertone of unapologetic fun. Clocking in at just over three minutes, this track is a delightful escape from the norm.

The song's structure is a beautiful dance through the story. It relies heavily on repetition, with

the chorus of "Oohhh, ohhh, ohhhh" becoming an infectious earworm that's difficult to shake.

This repetition reflects the protagonist's unapologetic nature, underlining the idea that he's not dwelling on his mistakes but rather celebrating them as part of his persona.

Written and sung by Billy On Campus, who decribes themselves as “that feeling when you’re

about to go down a water slide but you’re scared before being pushed by the impatient lifeguard

and having the time of your life??” That is Billy On Campus.

The musicality complements the lyrics beautifully. The acoustic guitar and percussion provide a

breezy, feel-good backdrop, while the catchy melody draws you in from the get-go. The addition of background vocal harmonies during the chorus adds depth and warmth to the sound,

enhancing the song's overall charm.

As the song progresses, the repetition of "That’s right I’m mr. apology" and the infectious chant

towards the end create a sense of unity and shared celebration. It's as if the listener is invited to join Mr. Apology in his unapologetic revelry, making it impossible not to tap your feet or nod your head along with the beat.

The instrumental interlude towards the end, with its playful "Ba da ba, ba ba dee up ba bom"

section, further underscores the lighthearted and carefree nature of the track. It's a moment of

pure musical joy, where the song seems to break free from all constraints and revel in its own


In a world that often feels weighed down by seriousness, "Mr. Apology" provides a

much-needed respite. It reminds us that it's okay to be imperfect, to make impulsive decisions,

and to revel in the moment. It's a celebration of life's quirks and a joyful proclamation of

self-acceptance. So, if you're in need of a musical pick-me-up that will leave you grinning from

ear to ear, give "Mr. Apology" a spin, and let Mr. Apology's unapologetic spirit brighten your day.

Be sure to check out Billy On Campus and stream his song, "Mr. Apology" everywhere you listen to music!

For fans of:

Elton John

Phil Collins

Hall & Oates

Stream "Mr. Apology" on Spotify:


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