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Au Revoir Heart has us bopping our heads to their song, "Mellow Stogie"

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Genre: Bedroom Pop, Dreampop, Indie Rock

"I want MY Cigarettes! I want MY Cigarettes! I want MINE!"

Without hesitation, Au Revoir Heart hits you with an intro with a witty sound bite that makes the sickest and cleanest transition to a funky beat and a sparkly, wavey synth sequence. There's such a nice atmosphere that's established right away. You don't have to wait a while for the character of the song to make an appearance. You know it's going to be a nice and mellow (ahaha) song that's fun to bop to. The rhythm of the song with it's clean production provides a nice bounce for easy danceability. If this was released in the 80s I know it would have been a high school dance favorite.

While I think it's fun to dance to and sounds beautiful, I do think that there could be some more dynamics going into the chorus. The song has the same intensity from beginning to end. There aren't clear indicators of one section moving into the next. However, I'm not super passionate about this opinion because regardless I really love the song because of how ethereal and nostalgic it sounds. It's very relaxing and almost feels like receiving a hug from a loved one.

Dane's voice has a really unique charm to it that adds to that relaxing, familiar soft feeling. There's such a nice tone to it that's warm and gentle. It's sultry but still intelligible. He has good diction that doesn't get lost within the relaxed style of the song. I feel like while the music doesn't possess much dynamics, his voice makes up for it. He has some inflections that make his delivery emotive.

Overall, to put it plainly, this song has such a great vibe. It's insanely chill. I love the synths, the danceability, the corny lyrics, and Dane's voice. It's a song I'd put on playlists for the beach, a smoke sesh, date night, etc. It's incredibly versatile in that way.

Be sure to not only check out "Mellow Stogie" but Au Revoir Heart's more recent music on all streaming platforms!

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