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Archer Oh makes heartbreak feel good in a place like this with their single, "Loneliest Surface"

Genre: Indie Rock, Surf Rock

"And all the beautiful things that they swore you'd be."

Rising from the sands of Moreno Valley California, Archer Oh is no stranger to delivering surf-infused indie rock that will have you grabbing the steering wheel of your pre-owned, mid-size sedan on the way to an 8:00 am shift at work and singing the speed limit away. In their newest release titled, "Loneliest Surface", they make you want to do all of this and more. The band surely captured my heart with their creativity, uniqueness, nerve, and talent through their personal lyrics, fresh production, and explosive energy weaved all throughout the song.

Consisting of singer/guitarist Arturo (Archie) Medrano, guitarist Diego Jacuinde, bassist Juan Cabrera, and drummer Pedro Hernandez, Archer Oh is a four-piece band that represents the resilience of the local music scene in Southern California. From playing backyard shows in 2016 to selling out the Glasshouse in Pomona in 2022, the public has unspokenly crowned them as local music legends. Since 2015, the band has built up a loyal fan base from their raw and unpolished recordings. Early releases like "Sophomore City" and their most popular, "Easy Eyes'' did the job of opening the door to attract chaotic audiences around the country, but "Loneliest Surface", showcases a refined sound that reflects the maturity and current state of the band’s success without completely taking away the DIY charm fans love. Their music is just as passionate and the lyrics are just as bold and sincere.

Unabashedly honest, Archie pulls us into his psyche as he's grappling with the complicated, isolating feelings of an expired relationship: "I can't bear it to be alone. This is what you were made for. I'm not ready to say goodbye, I'm a coward and I'm a freak." Every word sinks into my brain like a ton of bricks. I respect the amount of vulnerability that's being expressed here. There's no metaphor that covers up the pain felt by the songwriter. This kind of writing is my absolute favorite because it can be universally understood. Everyone is pulled into the story of a relationship stricken by bad luck amidst the pressures of those around them. "And all the beautiful things that they swore you'd be. Took your time, took your money, took your mind. Someone's mind," Archie sings. This part of the pre-chorus actually makes me want to scream because of how widely relatable and visceral the vocal delivery is. Relationships of any kind take time, money, and energy. Once your future together darkens, you not only feel like you've let everyone down but also everything you did for the other slowly loses its value. The way this message is sung amplifies the grief and hits the listener where it hurts. Archer Oh takes the thoughts in our heads and yells them aloud for people to hear. 

Overall, there's nothing about this song that I don't like. There's an amazing vocal and musical performance, the lyrics are strongly relatable, it's catchy, I can dance to it, the production is fresh- it's so good and my new favorite of theirs. "Loneliest Surface" is indie rock gold waiting to be found. It's really exciting to see the direction Archer Oh is going in and they better buckle up because I know it's going to be an even wilder ride.

Be sure to check out Archer Oh and stream their newest song, "Loneliest Surface" everywhere you listen to music! And don't forget to see them on their Fall tour happening soon! Tickets available now. ✨

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