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.XOM creates a luscious landscape of sound in their song, "Lavender Town"

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Genre: Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Lo-fi

"I feel the strangeness of that kiss I said I wanted."

Based half in Santa Ana and half in Palmdale, the band came together to write their song, “Lavender Town” off of their newest EP “#4”. This EP is full of refreshing sounds that create a nice blend between Indie Rock, Shoegaze, and Lo-fi with the addition of poignant drum pads and swelling synths. “Lavender Town” is the soft sibling in this family of songs. The vocals are hushed and there are rounded edges to the mix that make everything sound lush and dreamy. The lyrics accompanying these instrumentals communicate that strange feeling of not knowing what to do once you finally get the love you have been waiting for. It’s a relatable feeling and they did a good job at conveying it through the lyrics as well as the music.

To put it simply, this song is really nice. It has everything you’d want to hear from an indie-rock band from the fuzzy, lush instrumentals, brooding singing, and a fun drumbeat that keeps the energy going and gets you to take out your dancing shoes. The chord progression is also stunning and is pleasing to listen to. It stands out from the standard chord progressions that are utilized by most rock bands in their music. Guess you can say this band is NOT like the other girlies… The addition of the drum pads also supports my case. While listening to the song, you don’t expect them to pop up between the choruses, and you don’t expect them to work all that well. However, whoever produced this track did a great job at blending it together with the other instruments. It gives a refreshing feel to the music.

The lyrics touch on that strange feeling of not knowing what to do next once you have obtained a love you were chasing. I can relate to what Ivan (vocalist/keys/guitarist) is singing in the beginning verse. “I feel the strangeness of that kiss that I said I wanted. What to do now that I’ve got it,” he softly sings. As someone who has been a big hopeless romantic since I was little, it felt weird once I got into my first relationship. I dreamed of how my first kiss with a partner would go; who it would be with, how I would feel once it happened (spoiler: there were no fireworks popping in the background as one foot lifted up and colors flooded the sky). Once I achieved what I always wanted I felt stuck like I was waiting to evolve like a Pokemon or something. It’s almost like the chase was the most exciting part and now that it’s over there’s this depression that creeps in. The lyrics are relatable. They're not too cryptic, but they're worded in a way that's interpretable. This allows many listeners to interpret it in their own way and apply the meaning to their own personal experience.

Overall, "Lavender Town'' encompasses many great qualities of DIY indie music. There's a dreamy atmosphere carried by the chaotic strumming of the guitar, insightful lyrics that make you think, and a punchy drum beat that cuts through the sound and gives listeners something to flail around to. This is a solid release by .XOM and I'm looking forward to what else they have in store for their very bright future.

Be sure to check out .XOM and stream their song, "Lavender Town" off of their newest EP, "#4" out everywhere you listen to music!

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