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Surfwax Ghost is Keeping the Good Times Rollin' with their song, "Watch Out"

Genre: Surf Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative

“I’m blind and so not ready.”

Originating from Fullerton and Long Beach, Surfwax ghost came together to write their song, “Watch Out”. Released in 2023 as a single, “Watch Out” has all the good vibes every surf rock enjoyer seeks out on the daily. The song has a pleasant, high energy, that’ll get you strapping on those dancing shoes that have been collecting dust under your bed for years. There’s a classic sound to the production I enjoy! It has a sound reminiscent of a song you’d hear during a chase scene in a blockbuster movie: Upbeat, chaotic, gritty, and fun. Each instrument never overshadows the other either. The vocals, guitars, and drums all have moments in the mix where their quality gets to shine. “Watch Out” will have you watching out for your heartbeat.

When I think of surf rock, I think of twangy guitars, booming backing vocals, and drums that are tight with the rhythm. “Watch Out” by Surfwax Ghost has all of these qualities but still has a modern edge to it. I don’t necessarily think they’ve stepped outside of the box too much, but they’ve done a great job at reflecting the classic sound that I love whilst creating an vibe that sounds fresh and exciting. The band may be lesser-known in the local music community, but their sound puts them up there with the big dogs! I enjoy the production. Each instrument stands out and adds something special to the mix. I particularly enjoy the lead guitar, especially in the beginning. It’s very pleasant and is a great opener for the roaring sound that proceeds it. The solo in the middle sounds simple, but it still adds interest for listeners and is nice and fun!

As I said earlier, this song reminds me of one I’d hear playing during a chase scene in a blockbuster movie. It’s fast and catchy, but it also has a great range in dynamics that’d fit well with those up and down moments between characters. The lyrics also sound like they’d work well within this situation and there’s a great deal of word painting. “Watch out, ‘cause I know you saw it coming, and you know that I’ve been tired of running.” I get the idea that the protagonist is speaking with a potential love interest. They're tired of avoiding their issues, and feel the moment to finally speak up is on the horizon. Things don’t seem to be going anywhere between them and there’s this elephant in the room that the protagonist wants to acknowledge. I’m sure many people have been in a similar situation when it comes to communicating with someone they love about an issue or concern. It’s never an enjoyable experience but always necessary.

Overall, "Watch Out" by Surfwax Ghost is a great song that mixes classic surf rock with a modern edge. Not only is there great instrumentation that keeps the energy up, but there is also a balance with the dynamics when needed. The production carries this sense of urgency that’s perfectly fitting for the movies, but it’s also something you can put on while with your friends at the beach. The lyrics also fit well with the music with their clever use of word painting. I’m excited to hear what else Surfwax Ghost has in store and I hope everyone else is as well!

Be sure to check out Surfwax Ghost and stream their song, “Watch Out” everywhere you listen to music!

For fans of:

The Beach Boys

The White Stripes



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