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Sierra Sumie is quirky but in the best way in her song, “Neighbor Number”

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Genre: Bedroom Pop, R&B, Lo-fi

“Tried to replace you. It went okay, but now- this fuck boy -he won’t go away.”

Cooking in San Pedro California, Sierra Sumie makes her soft debut into the music scene with her song titled, “Neighbor Number”. It’s a demo that’s unreleased on Spotify or Apple Music, but it’s made its home on Soundcloud for the time being. Bright and never boring, “Neighbor Number” is a minute and a half of quirky quips, smooth vocals, and a catchy melody. The energy is very chill and there’s a pull to the beat that makes you sway as you listen. The vocals could have blended better in the mix and the lyrics don’t really lead to a meaning or necessarily form a story, but the song is fun and proves music doesn’t always have to be serious.

Beginning with a Jack Stauber-esque instrumental under an audio recording of what sounds like a few friends laughing and having a good time, l was instantly made aware of the comedic nature of this song: “Can somebody help me? I stay in the valley,” Sierra sings. As someone who’s grown up in the valley and has a love-hate relationship with it, this line made me giggle. It gets her feelings across about the city she lives in short and sweetly. However, my favorite line is, “Tried to replace you. It went okay, but now- this fuck boy -he won’t go away.” As someone who is aware of the fact that it’s rare for anyone to have an original thought or experience, I know for a fact that most of us have been in a similar situation as the lyric describes. Most of the lyrics on this song may sound like they came from an uncategorized stream of consciousness, but there are a few bangers like the ones previously stated that show off Sierra’s personality.

Many people condemn modern forms of music for being "unserious" or "lazy". While at times I find myself thinking the same way, I usually snap myself out of it by asking myself if it all really matters that much. I believe in making music for fun! I believe in experimenting with your beats, effects, instruments, or any other component of a song! Let people live their lives! With her random audio clips and swishy guitar slide effect, Sierra Sumie has a fierce flame for fun that shouldn't get blown out by a controversial popular opinion.

Overall, "Neighbor Number" is an enjoyable little tune. There's a great vibe, Sierra's voice is really smooth and lovely, there's a unique charm to the production, and it's pure fun. There are a few things I would've done differently with the lyrics and mix of the vocals but there's an incredible amount of potential here. The Sierra Sumie train has arrived. Next Stop: hopefully a longer song released on all streaming platforms.

Be sure to check out Sierra Sumie and her song, "Neighbor Number" only on SoundCloud!

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