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Porkboii pours a warm blanket of love over us on their single, "She Just Wants You to Know"

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Genre: Indie Rock

“You deserve it when you finally decide that you’re worth love yourself.”

A long-lasting relationship is rare. Wishing your ex the best is even rarer. But for Porkboii, it’s possible and even done through a catchy tune. In “She Just Wants You to Know”, Porkboii relays a message to someone, most likely a former lover: “I just want you to know that though we split and let each other go, to not forget, that you deserve it when you finally decide that you’re worth love yourself,” they sang. When you break up with a romantic partner, it doesn’t always have to end poorly. You both may have different goals, or just find yourself unhappy for various reasons that don’t involve a serious issue between the two of you. The end result is still upsetting, but you don't wish death on the other person.

Reminiscent of the sun rising, Porkboii begins the song with soft, hushed vocals. This is a lovely introduction to what becomes a really upbeat and boisterous tune. It's like you're listening to a voicemail from a past lover, and the rest of the song continues its message. The way the song is so passionate and joyous kind of makes me think the person receiving the call gets a rush of hope after hearing they can finally accept love once again; The first step to moving on.

The instrumentation in this song is what successfully carried the energy of it. I love how much variation there is. There are so many small elements for you to pick up on which makes the song really immersive. There's always something new to listen to! But at the same time, Porkboii also did a great job at creating a really catchy tune that is fun to listen to (and sing along). I absolutely love the feeling it evokes. It sounds so bittersweet. The chord progression sounds a little sad, but the lyrics and warm feeling radiating from the music sound hopeful and cheery. I enjoy this contrast, and the group sing-along at the end is incredibly charming and my favorite part and the cherry on top of this song.

Overall, "She Just Wants You to Know" is a hopeful beacon of light at the end of a dark, break-up brooding tunnel. It's what you listen to to cheer yourself up after a stressful day, and what you'd put on to jump up and down drunkenly with your friends. It's a sunrise after a night of getting crazy with friends. The songwriting is personal, there's a lot of musical variation, there's a great blend between moods, and it's fun as heck.

Be sure to check out Porkboii and stream their newest single, "She Just Wants You to Know" everywhere you stream music!

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