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Move Over American Football, Laketown is taking over with his single, “Leftovers”

Genre: Midwest Emo, Indie Rock

“I can only watch from afar, always left behind, tossed aside, thrown away like leftovers...”

Laketown, a side project of LA-band Sock’s member Andres, released two singles this year that

are as musically promising as they are complex and beautiful. If Laketown continues releasing

music in the style we’ve heard thusfar, it is clear that they will be on the verge of creating a

thematically cohesive sound that will be very exciting to hear more of.

Laketown’s latest release, “Leftovers”, has a definite Midwest emo sensibility, complete with

arpeggiated, clean-tone guitar parts, an unconventional time signature, and lyrics dealing with

love and loss.

“Leftovers” is bare-boned, raw and hauntingly beautiful. Without distortion or a big rhythm

section, a song can seem empty and simple, but the intricacies of “Leftovers” are rich enough to

fill the entire space of the track.

The most striking aspect of “Leftovers” is the guitar work. Laketown is obviously skilled

technically, and from a musician’s standpoint, the guitar parts are impressive, but not in an

over-the-top or flashy way. It’s layered and complex while remaining pleasant to your ears. The

parts are crafted in such a way that the listener can appreciate their complexities and be

emotionally engulfed in the sound simultaneously.

The simplicity of the production highlights the beauty of the guitar; rather than complicating the

song with a full band, the production allows the focus to be solely on Laketown’s voice and

complimentary guitar parts. Although the production is straightforward, the song is structurally

complex and employs so many different guitar parts that there’s no sense of repetitiveness.

Although the guitar is the most outstanding part of the song, Andres’ vocals are just as

important to its overall sound. The lyrics discuss the heartbreaking feeling of being forgotten by

someone you love, and the vocals are delivered in a quiet and pained way that truly convey that

all too familiar feeling.

Comparing oneself to leftover food being forgotten is a very clever way to talk about a topic that

is pretty common in a lot of songs. And it’s true; no one really likes leftovers, we just feel bad

about wasting food and eventually, we throw them away.

“Leftovers” brings to mind the guitar work of Midwest emo greats American Football, and I’m

sure that isn’t the first time that comparison has been made. But if that doesn’t sell you on the

greatness of the song, I’m not sure what will.

Be sure to follow Andres on Instagram @capnmcnugget for updates on the Laketown project,

and keep up with Andres’ band, @heyitssocksband, too.

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