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LØØM plays no games on their newest single “Fever Dream"

Genre: Pop, a second secret genre

“With that mericari drip drip, falling off your hip hips”

Starting with a catchy bassline that mostly loops throughout, the Los Angeles based non-genre

duo LØØM does not disappoint with their recently released single ”Fever Dream,” out on August

11th. I was incredibly pleased to be introduced with such creativity bringing in a flute into the

production, adding so much life into it.

Even though I heard a lot of repetition with the same beats, bassline and flute – with a surprise

of an acoustic guitar solo – the whispers and harmonies brought the story to a whole other level.

Speaking of the acoustic guitar solo, absolutely phenomenal. While the lyrics describe and

illustrate what seems to be a lovers quarrel and attempting to make the protagonist jealous, the

said guitar solo at one point is isolated between the left and right speaker, giving off the vibe of a

duel. It’s safe to say that no thought was spared in the production of this song.

Looping to the lyricism, I honestly thought the story that was being depicted was so well

executed. Right away, readers and listeners are told the location, people involved and overall

gives a pretty good idea where the story is headed. After every time I listened to the song, I was

immersed more and more.

I think my favorite part was the very end, using “cut and scene,” which just added another

element to the storytelling. I thought adding that lyric in the end was so daring and enticing. I

was just so incredibly impressed with the lyricism and even more so being accompanied by

beautiful, fitting music. Not going to lie, I was really feeling the song and wanted to dance on

multiple occasions.

Overall, I was obsessed – am obsessed. “Fever Dream” is so enchanting and catchy! Even

though I don’t find the lyrics entirely relatable, the tea was spilled and quickly grabbed my


Be sure to check out LØØM and stream their newest single, "Fever Dream" everywhere you listen to music!

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