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Glass Generation radiate pop punk energy with their song, "Holding Hope"

Genre: Pop Punk, Alternative

"What good are the hopes I'm holding?"

Glass Generation is on their way to being a pop-punk powerhouse. Their new song “Holding

Hope,” is the perfect song to listen to during the fall and letting the leaves crunch under your

feet walking down the street.

Glass Generation are a Los Angeles local band consisting of guitarist/vocalist Stefan Kennedy,

drummer/vocalist Lo Kuei Na and his brother Yu Cheng on guitar, and Samuel Pacheco-Villegas

on the bass. The band started up in 2019 playing songs by bands who inspired them.

This song reminds me of times where I have been stuck in my head going in circles about my

past. Truly, Glass Generation channels the vibes that the icons, Citizen, bring with their songs

about heartbreak.

“Find the light that was your promise/ and now that I know that it’s all empty/ what good are the

hopes I’m holding?” Kennedy sings. These lyrics bring you into the heartbreak that Kennedy is

feeling. The hope that your partner will change, with the thoughts of the future and the picture

perfect picket fence.

“Holding Hope,” is about literally holding onto hope and listeners can relate. Whether that be

about a relationship with your partner or a relationship that they can hold with a family member.

The single is beautifully put together, the intro and outro of the guitars pair perfectly when the

rest of the band starts and finishes. Along with having the iconic Alex Estrada mix the single.

Estrada is known for working with Torrance locals Joyce Manor, Touche Amor, Rotting out and

Silver Snakes. Listeners can truly feel the vibes of pop-punk and post punk radiate through this

single, I honestly couldn’t stop listening to it.

If you’re looking for a new pop-punk band to check out, Glass Generation are your band. You

can check out their other recent single “Make It Last,” and soon you can stream their new EP

“Never Better” on September 22nd!

For the fans of:


Knuckle Puck


Disclaimer: the band has decided to disband. Their final EP, "Never Better" will continue to be released.

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