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Death Will Bring Change leans into the punk genre with their song, "CRISIS"

“There’s nothing worth living for at all.”

Rumbling from the city of Costa Mesa California, the band Death Will Bring Change gave us their second and final single, “CRISIS” from their latest 5-song EP titled, “The Sound of Broken Glass.” Based on the song alone along with the album art, I can make a strong assumption that the music acts as a commentary on the recent political climate in the United States. There’s a lot of anger you feel through the pounding, sporadic drumming and the powerfully honest lyrics about the violent aftermath of injustice in this country. The song has punk rock influences with its fast tempo and anti-establismnent lyricism, but it’s also really rhythmically diverse and has moments of variety that give listeners something else to chew on.

Born in the 1970s, punk rock truly broke barriers in lyricism and performance art. It became a way to speak your mind in an uncomplicated way and share your frustrations with others about politics or other societal topics. Death Will Bring Change continues the legacy of acts such as The Clash, Dead Kennedy’s, and Green Day with their fast tempo-ed hot tempered music. “Crisis is the sound of broken glass, cause of every question you should ask,” Davo sings. As racial injustice rose in news coverage in most recent years along with the Black Lives Matter movement, many people became angry and fed up with the systems within our country that continue to discriminate against black people. This crisis led to intense protests where broken glass littered the streets and individuals were left tormented by police. The lyrics of the song do well at expressing their anger for a government who misleads their country.

Speaking from a musical perspective, the song is very upbeat, gritty, and loud. There’s a great drum solo in the beginning that soars into the distorted intro before the verse blazes in. They went with a simple powerchord progression as the frame for the lyrics, a common theme in the punk genre. Despite the song being really chaotic, there are moments in the song where the rhythm gets broken up and listeners have a moment to embrace the musicality of the performance. There are these pockets of silence that nicely highlight what’s being sung. You can really dance to the song in this moment before going back to thrashing around and accidentally punching one of your friends in the face in the pit. It’s multifaceted and fun.

Overall, “CRISIS” by Death Will Bring Change is a powerful, dynamic song that shows off the band’s talent and valued beliefs as individuals. The lyricism is very honest, the instrumentals are brash and dynamic, and the production is in-your-face in the best way. I’m looking forward to hearing more from the band and seeing where their passion leads them.

Be sure to check out Death Will Bring Change and stream their song, “CRISIS” off of their newest EP, “The Sound of Broken Glass” everywhere you listen to music!

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