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Case Study takes us back to early 2000s emo with their song, "Vulnerability"

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Case Study is making their resurgence into the local music scene than with a nostalgia-packed emo-rock song, "Vulnerability". Upon my first listen, I was taken back to the days when I would listen to Green Day, Taking Back Sunday, and Nickelback (yes, you heard me. I have no shame). It makes me want to dust off my combat boots and put my signed poster of Patrick Stump back up on my bedroom wall.

To begin the review, I think this is a solid song! The intro is calm and straightforward with the two chords going back and forth, but then there’s some variety in the chord progression in the chorus. Having that between the sections creates interest, and the band did a great job at incorporating this. The intro and verses are the perfect precursor to the catchy chorus. But despite the chorus being the highlight of the song, I think there could’ve been a bit more emotion behind the vocals during it and other parts. The meaning of the song would also stand out more if this had been executed. However, the diction is great and the lyrics could be heard nice and clear! I think that they have done a great job at establishing the rhythm in the lyrics as well. There aren’t any phrases that sound too wordy, like it would be a mouthful to sing. The words are sung with the beat, and the singer keeps this consistent throughout the song.

The last criticism I have for this all around great song is that I would have liked to hear more complexity in the guitar solo during the bridge! I wanted to feel encouraged to play the air guitar in the mirror of my bedroom while my parents are out of the house. Had it been more melodically complex, it would have been a great lift in energy before it settles down in the end.

But overall, “Vulnerability” is an enjoyable tune that is nostalgic and, most importantly, helps sustain authentic songwriting in modern music. The clear form, well-written lyrics, and catchy melody is what keeps bringing me back to it, and makes it my favorite song by this band.

Make sure to stream “Vulnerability” from Case Study's newest album, "Healing. Misery. Boredom" everywhere you listen to music!

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