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“BYE” by Care Shows Electronic Music’s Seemingly Endless Depths

Genre: Electronic, Darkwave

Care is a Los Angeles-based artist that creates electronic music driven by rhythmic synths and

electronic beats. Care has put out nine singles since 2022 and has made a name for himself in

the L.A. club circuit. “BYE” by Care and his other releases are excellent examples of the

diversity within club music today: electronic music of the 2020s doesn’t have to be fun and

poppy to be a good tune. The underground of electronic music, where Care currently resides, is

fruitful and vibrant in its own unique way.

There is an element of 80s electronic music in Care’s sound, as demonstrated by the vintage

sounding synth patches and repetitive drum beats. It combines the straight-forward tempo of

house music with an almost darkwave sensibility in the synths. The track itself is dark,

mysterious, and ethereal.

Like his other releases, “BYE” by Care creates an ambient sound that ends up being versatile.

The atmospheric tones of “BYE” could prove helpful for focusing on a task, or the perfect

soundtrack for a late-night drive with friends.

“Bye” uses a consistent BPM up until the second minute of the song, which gives it a droning

quality that puts the listener in a trance. Around the second minute, the synth loop is inverted

and the beat quickens, creating a long-awaited build up. From there, the track comes full circle

and resolves with the same beat and synth-based melody as it began. The beat stops suddenly

and the synths fade out into nothing, leaving the listener wanting more.

Care has a distinct blend of influences in his music that comes across as all his own. The synth

on this track glimmers and shimmers as it immerses the listener in its pulsating energy.

Care has shows all over Southern California in the coming months, be sure to check him out.

For fans of:

Brian Eno

New Order

Aphex Twin

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