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Big Hat Logan has a flair for the dramatic in their EP, "Awakening the Dark Heart"

Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock

"Aiming at God but I'm just a locust."

Hailing from the Whittier and Downey areas , Big Hat Logan is dishing music listeners some rock 'n roll with a sharper edge. Their latest EP, "Awakening the Dark Heart", proves this in a series of dark, brooding waves of distorted guitar and low thumping drum fills accompanied by wailing vocals. While I believe the quality of the production could be improved, it's obvious each musician has great knowledge of their instrument and knows how to perform with a great deal of emotion and depth.

The EP starts off with their song "Nuclear Warlord". As the song begins, listeners are flown right into their musical sphere of gritty rock 'n' roll. While the song exhibits a great passion carried by the vocalist, I wish there was a more established rhythm and decipherable form. Unfortunately, I find that It's hard to know what part of the song you're at. This critique partially applies to their next song, "Locust". Here, the band definitely distinguishes the form, but again the rhythm could be a bit more consistent. Also, when the vocals become more melodic, the pitch sways in and out. Regardless, this doesn't mean the band doesn't absolutely shine in their musicianship. The guitars are face melting and the drums do their job of keeping your heart rate up.

Firey and laden with imagery, Big Hat Logan's third song on their EP showcases their creative songwriting. The song describes the lifestyle of an old witch and how she continues to hunt her victims after fifteen centuries of witchcraft. The song also describes the fate of said victims: "A gothic fountain, blood in the pool. Not the blood of life, it runs black. A prepubescent sacrifice never coming back!" Whoever wrote the song does a great job at word painting. I can physically feel the turmoil being conveyed by the performance, it's really neat! Their final song, "The Christ" shows their more humorous side to songwriting as opposed to their other thought provoking pieces of music. Here, Big Hat Logan is introducing a "new dance" called "The Christ". The shortest off of the EP, this song is upbeat, catchy, and begs to not be taken too seriously with their religious allusions: "Hold your arms out straight, Bob your head to your side just like the baby Jesus when he was crucified." As ridiculous as it is, you can't help but let out a couple chuckles or two and have it stuck in your head in the middle of the night.

Overall, "Awakening of the Dark Heart" by Big Hat Logan is a good time. There are some production issues and vocal and rhythm discrepancies, but the songwriting is witty and the performance by each member is explosive and shows great musicianship. At the end of the day it sounds like a bunch of cool dudes having fun and I respect the hell out of their existence. I'm looking forward to hearing what else Big Hat Logan has to offer to the local music table in the future!

Be sure to check out Big Hat Logan and stream their latest EP titled, "Awakening of the Dark Heart" everywhere you listen to music!

For Fans of:

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Brandon Cantoran
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Best hat themed band in the

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