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Beach Clinic makes us melt into our couch with their song, "IF YOU WANT TO"

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Genre: Post-punk, Indie Rock, Darkwave

“You should stay if you want to.”

Fun but a tinge melancholic at the same time, Beach Clinic's song, "IF YOU WANT TO" is a vast landscape of sparkly synths and crunchy guitar tones. It's the type of song that has you sunk into your couch and staring at nothing for an unnecessarily long time while it plays through your earbuds. The beat has a nice bounce to it, there’s an ethereal atmosphere established by the instrumentation, and it’s mixed very well. Despite leaving me wanting more dynamic variation, this song delivers positive qualities aforementioned.

I’m a big fan of songs that are incredibly lush and full of synths and reverb and crunch. They feel nostalgic for me as if I’m stepping into another point in time. The way that “IF YOU WANT TO” is arranged sounds so 80s new wave with the simple drum loop, swelling synths, and distorted guitar to break it all up that is reminiscent of Joy Division's song, “Disorder”. The distortion really adds a nice texture to a mix that’s so airy and full of reverb and other time-based effects. However, after some time it leaves me wanting more!

[Insert Kylo Ren "more" gif]

A part of me was waiting for there to be a moment of silence, or a moment where everything quieted then soared back up. Silence is underrated when it comes to music. It could add feeling or aid in establishing the form. Maybe towards the very end when Carlos is repeating the line, “if you want to” there could have been a moment where the guitar and drums completely cut out aside from the kick and the synths. This would have really added more focus to the line and title of the song and ultimately evoke even more sentiment.

Overall, “IF YOU WANT TO” is a great song that’s pretty, nostalgic, and catchy. There’s not much criticism I could give it besides the lack of dynamics. I just wish there was some more variation in the mix and composition of the song. It’s close to sounding too much of the same, but at the same time “the same” is really enjoyable and something I continuously find myself going back to at the end of the day.

Be sure to check out Beach Clinic and stream their song, "IF YOU WANT TO" everywhere you listen to music!

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